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In need of a little inspiration? Then you have come to the right place. We understand that our customers’ needs for looking and feeling great vary during a life, a year and even a week. Etos not only has great qualitative health and beauty care products for your every need, but we also feel passionate about helping and inspiring you.

Rapid makeup

Ready, set, makeup 

No time to do your makeup before leaving home? No worries! Etos has smart tips for doing your makeup in 1, 5 or 10 minutes. 


One minute

You’ve overslept. Now you really don’t have time to put any makeup on. But you’d rather not leave home without it. Luckily, we have some tips for you to  look good in only one minute.

The most expressive features of your face are your eyes and your mouth. A whole eye makeup routine is time consuming, so just use a black mascara. Mascara extends, colors, and curls your eyelashes and gives your eyes expression. And it only takes 15 seconds to apply.

Spend your last 45 seconds on your mouth. Choose a prominent color, so that you look made up.
The following products are perfect for this basic look.

  • Etos volume mascara. For impressive and long-lasting volume
  • Etos color care lipstick Vampire Kiss

Five minutes

No more than five minutes to spend on your makeup in the morning? Or you just don’t want to spend any more time on your makeup? Five minutes is just enough for a perfectly groomed look. Within that time, you can have an even skin, radiant eyes, and glossy lips.

For lovely even skin, choose a foundation that suits your skin tone. Then add a little mascara, lipstick, or lip gloss and you will look radiant. The following products are perfect for this look.

  • Etos BB cream. For an ultra natural result with skin care and skin improving characteristics
  • Etos highshine lipgloss. Glossy lips in no time

Ten minutes

Ten minutes is just enough for perfect makeup. Use a concealer to camouflage dark circles and any blemishes on your face. Then apply a foundation in the color of your skin. You can also use the concealer after applying your foundation. The finishing touch is a blush powder for a fresh look.

Let your eyes pop with an eyeliner and then apply lots of mascara. For your lips, choose a lip liner in the color of the lipstick. Do you have plans to go out in the evening? With a little highlighter on your brow bone, cheekbones, and décolleté, you can easily turn your day makeup into a dashing evening look
The following products are perfect for this stunning look.

  • Etos beautiful blush. With one of these six gorgeous colors, you can create a natural, fresh, and healthy glow.
  • Etos eyeshadow palette smokey eyes. Use these to make the most fabulous smoky eyes.

Your brush manual

Brush manual

A radiant look in no time with our Etos brushes. . Read on to see how to use different brushes and achieve the perfect look very easily.

Powder brush

The large size enables you to cover a large surface fast. Ideal if you’re in a hurry. Suitable for all types of powder, compact and loose. The loose hairs give it a natural effect.

How to
Dip the brush into the powder and apply the foundation in circular movements.

Kabuki brush

Ideal for traveling, because this short-handled brush fits into any makeup bag or handbag. The Kabuki is suitable for applying all kinds of powders, such as face powder, bronzer and blush.

How to
Apply in circular movements to the desired areas on the face.

Blush brush

Small brush for applying blush. The small brush prevents too much powder being used. The slanted edge makes it easy to follow the contours of the face.

How to
Apply to the skin in small circular movements.

Highlight brush

Small brush for applying blush. The small brush prevents too much powder being used. The slanted edge makes it easy to follow the contours of the face.

How to
Apply to the skin in small circular movements.

Buffer brush

The ideal brush for applying foundation. Its compact form ensures that the foundation is absorbed evenly over the face. The result? A beautiful and natural Photoshop effect.

How to
Apply to the skin in circular movements.

Stippling brush

A handy brush with long and short hairs for perfect, even coverage. Ideal for uneven skin.

How to
Lightly dot the foundation onto the face and then sweep over the skin in circular movements.

Foundation brush

This flat brush is ideal for liquid foundation. The shape easily glides along the contours of the face, giving a wonderfully even result.

How to
Apply to the skin with one side of the brush. Then sweep over the face in long movements for a streak-free finish.

Eyeshadow brush

With brush L, you can easily apply a base color over the eyelids or highlights under the eyebrows. With brush S, you then apply the eyeshadow. Handy when using a contrasting color.

How to
Apply in stippling movements and then blend for a natural effect.

Blending brush

This long-haired brush is ideal for blending applied eyeshadow. Also handy for a very subtle and light application of color.

How to
Blend the applied colors using rapid left–right movements over the color.

Eyeliner brush

This angled brush is ideal for creating a winged eyeliner. Suitable for applying either liquid or cream/gel eyeliner.

How to
Apply in short strokes to the end of the eye line. Put a dot where the wing must end. Then join the dot with the eyeliner along the eye.

Crease brush

This small rounded brush allows you to apply eyeshadow in the crease and under the eyelash line. The brush is also ideal for blending eye pencil and eyeliner.

How to
Dip the point in the eyeshadow and apply a small amount to the desired area.

Brow brush

This short, angled brush is ideal for applying eyebrow powders and creams. Its shape also allows you to draw in extra hairs and fill in the eyebrows.

How to
Apply with short strokes between the eyebrow hairs for a natural effect.

Keep it clean!

The Etos brushes feel soft and keep their shape. To maintain the quality, it is important to keep them clean. You can see by the white end of the brush when it needs cleaning.

Once a week

Mix a mild shampoo and warm water in your hands, work carefully into the brush and rinse well. Squeeze the brush in a towel and perhaps again with a tissue. Leave the brush to dry flat in a ventilated area.


The special Etos Brush Cleanser is perfect for a quick clean. This is easy to use with a tissue or absorbent cotton. The cleanser also offers extra care and significantly reduces the drying time!


Color per type

Choosing the right makeup for your skin tone  sounds easier than it is. If you know what color type you are, you are well on your way. So read on and find out which makeup colors are perfect for your skin tone!

Copper Queen

This type has a slightly tanned skin, is never a snow white or blushing. She often has brown or green eyes and her natural hair color is usually dark brown, dark blond or warm red.

Yes! Warm, deep colors look best. For example, natural colors with a golden sheen, such as a gold-beige foundation with an orange undertone. Red with a copper sheen is lovely for blush and lipstick, as are coral and brown tints.


Do you have a light skin and/or freckles? Are your eyes blue, gray or light green and is your natural hair color blond or red? Then you’re type B.

Yes! Warm, soft colors work best. Think of fresh, natural colors with a pale golden sheen, for example brown tints. For foundation, light gold-beige with a gold-yellow undertone is perfect. Coral red with a gold sheen looks amazing on cheeks and lips.

Autumn Breeze

This type has a pale skin with darker eyes. Eyebrows are dark and the natural hair color is also dark.

Yes! Cool, eye-catching colors with a silver sheen look wonderful. Choose a pink foundation, with very little yellow in it. Lipstick and blush look best in red with a hint of blue, dark purple, or bright pink.

Blushing Babe

Type D has a pink undertone to the skin and the face has a tendency to redness. The eyes are blue-gray, gray, or pale brown and hair is usually ash blond or light brown.

Yes! Cool, light and subtle tints with a silver sheen. Use pink-beige foundation, with very little yellow in it. Pink tones are also nicest on lips and cheeks. Powdery pastels combined with cool brown or anthracite give an interesting look.

Bronzed Caramel

Type E has caramel-colored skin and an olive undertone. Most E types tend to have darker eyes, but they may sometimes be green or gray too. The hair is usually black or dark brown.

Yes! Foundations with a yellow undertone and avoid a pink undertone. Use warm and rich colors like burnt orange, deep purple, and gold. Pastel colors do not suit your skin color.

Deep Cinnamon

Type E has caramel-colored skin and an olive undertone. Most E types tend to have darker eyes, but they may sometimes be green or gray too. The hair is usually black or dark brown.

Yes! Foundations with a yellow undertone and avoid a pink undertone. Use warm and rich colors like burnt orange, deep purple, and gold. Pastel colors do not suit your skin color.

Sun cream guide

Sun cream guide

How we love the sun! But before you rush to the terrace, slide down the piste, or go to the beach, don’t forget your sun protection. We’ve drawn up a handy step-by-step plan for you to help keep your skin in perfect, healthy condition.

SPF what?

There are all kinds of sun protection products on the market. This can be very confusing. So - step 1: choose the right sun protection factor (SPF). The SPF number on the packaging tells you the protection level. The higher the SPF, the longer you can safely stay in the sun. Don’t forget, this can vary according to your skin type.

Do you have  a light skin and burn easily? If so, you need a higher SPF. The disadvantage is that you can’t stay out in the sun as long as your darker-skinned friends.

Milk, spray or lotion?

Decision time at step 2! Do you choose a milk, spray or lotion? Be rest assured, they will all protect you from the sun, so it’s up to you which you use:

  • A milk or lotion protects and hydrates your skin at the same time. Ideal for dry skin. You can see where you haven’t applied it so you won’t miss a spot.
  • A spray is perfect for reaching those difficult areas. Tip: spray more and for longer than you think necessary. It’s easy to unintentionally miss areas, which then get sunburnt. Ow!
  • An oil is another option if you want to get a nice tan but still stay protected. Sun oil helps you get a deep, long-lasting tan without your skin feeling greasy and sticky. The product also promises to give your skin a satin sheen.

Ready to go!

Step 3: You wish to apply sun protection and  also want to wear makeup? No problem, first apply your sun protection, and then your makeup. However good your makeup is, the sun’s rays will ruthlessly penetrate it. After around 15 minutes your skin has absorbed the active substances and your face is protected. This also applies to the rest of your body, of course. If you wait until you are outside your skin will burn, despite your best efforts to protect it. A day cream with SPF is also an option of course!

Regular application

Steps 4,5,6 etc. - it’s better to apply too often than not often enough. Every two hours is recommended. Been swimming? Apply more sun cream when you come out of the water! Yes, it may say “waterproof” on the packaging, but this means that you’re protected in the water. So you are no longer protected after swimming.

Let your skin chill

Mmm... You’ve enjoyed the sun and your skin is still glowing when you get home. Time for the  last step. Your skin needs to recover after a day in the sun. The sun dries out your skin, which can cause loss of elasticity and create fine lines and wrinkles. And you don’t want that! So at the end of the day, always apply a generous amount of aftersun to soothe, hydrate, and cool the skin. Tip: keep your aftersun in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

Staying healthy

Don't catch a cold!

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and your immune system is going through a tough time.. This often means that we all start to cough and sniffle at some point. We’ve listed five tips to help you avoid catching a cold this year!

Healthy snacks ...

The bikini has gone back in the drawer, so you could treat yourself to that piece of cake. We get it; it’s easy to be tempted by comfort food once the weather turns colder. Don’t do it! This is the time when your body really needs healthy nutrition to keep you fit and healthy.

Work it

Exercise isn’t just good for the visible part of your body. While you exercise, your heart beats faster, increasing the natural virus killers (cells) in your body. So time to get moving!

A pill a day

Taking a daily vitamin pill to support your healthy lifestyle guarantees that you are getting all the vitamins your body needs. But remember: they do not replace fruit and vegetables.

Wash it up

It sounds obvious, but wash your hands often. The cold virus is literally handed on. You can be infected by contact with a doorknob touched by someone suffering from a cold. So wash your hands often and try to keep your hands away from your face to prevent infection.


Sleep works miracles for your body. While you are resting, your body is working hard. An American study from Carnegie Mellon University even claims that you are three times more likely to catch a cold if you sleep 7 hours (or less) a night. A good excuse to get more sleep. Enjoy!

Healthy teeth

Healthy teeth, sexy smile

"Say cheese!" Prefer not to smile in a picture to avoid showing your teeth? Or constantly suffering from ailments which never seem to go away? Check our tips and tricks, and smile for the photo!


Two minutes to brush your teeth feels like a long time. But you shouldn’t consider these four minutes a day as lost time. Our golden tip: introduce a teeth brushing tune! Not just fun for young families! Think of OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean: you’ll automatically start dancing!


Not a morning person? Then this cheerful tune will probably be wasted on you. And listening to the same tune twice a day could get too much. So why not use your time in the morning effectively and check the weather and the news or browse your Facebook or Twitter timeline. Now you’ll have some interesting topics of conversation to share at the coffee machine.


Ow! Do you grimace when you take a sip of hot tea or bite of an ice cream? Consuming acidic foods and drinks, like most soft drinks, fruit juices, and yogurts, is more likely to give you sensitive teeth. Try to avoid them and you will feel the results! But be aware of when you brush your teeth; brush them before breakfast or an hour after you eat. And don’t use too much pressure with your toothbrush and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Into the nooks and crannies

It may not be the nicest job, but flossing is the only way to keep your gums and the spaces between your teeth clean and healthy. Whether you use toothpicks, floss, or interdental brushes, they all have one thing in common: they are good for your teeth. Receding and bleeding gums are banished to the past. Are your gums a beautiful pink color? Then they’re healthy!

Yellow, beige and off-white

Great colors for the wall, but you really want your teeth to be gleaming white. You might want to reduce your coffee, tea, and red wine intake, but you can also use a whitening toothpaste.


Travel wise - travel essentials

Up, up, and away! Holiday? Yes please! Are you flying, driving, or cycling somewhere? Maybe you’re having a staycation? (staying at home can be fun too!) All these options need smart solutions. Because arriving with cracked lips or puffy eyes isn’t great. It's not about the destination, it's the journey that counts!


Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or pushing your way through the jungle, DEET is your best friend. Summer days oes too and malaria in the Amazon is not a souvenir you want to bring home. With at least 30%, you’re good to go. Use a lower dose for children or if you’re pregnant. A higher dose is  effective for longer. Handy for nighttime, for example.

Tip: Etos Citriodiol is fantastic for pregnant women. This product doesn’t contain DEET, but lemon-eucalyptus extracts. Ideal for Mum and baby!

Kiss kiss

For effortlessly stunning lips, you naturally use lip balm. Looks great with a tan and no stress of choosing what lipstick to wear. And when you fly, your skin needs a bit of help with a hydrating cream or moisturizing lip balm. So perfect lips  when you arrive and a lovely sheen on your tanned skin during an evening out!

Wet wipes, not just for babies

Flying with budget airlines means foregoing those hot towels to freshen up. So get yourself to Etos for a set of wet wipes. The easiest way to freshen up right in your handbag!

Destination: dreamland

A holiday is great, but you don’t want to have to recover from your journey when you get there! Eye mask, check. Earplugs, check. Neck cushion, check. And off to dreamland. Don’t forget to ask the stewardess to wake you up when the food comes  ;-).

Be your own pharmacist

You’ll off course have a paracetamol with you. But don’t forget travel sickness pills for long car and/or bus journeys. And a nose spray - why? Well, being exposed to the air conditioning in cars or planes is guaranteed to give you a blocked nose. Or what about pressure in your ears after flying? And finally, bring hand soap with you - hand washing may not be the same in other countries. Bon voyage!