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We only want the best for our little ones. Baby`s skin is very tender and sensitive and deserves the best care there is. That's why Etos introduced a baby care line with only vegetable oils and softening cotton extract. In addition, the packaging has a happy musical touch. This makes that the care rituals with your baby are even more fun!

Baby care

Baby soft

The baby care products at Etos are extremely gentle for delicate baby skin. Ingredients which could irritate the skin have been left out and replaced by very gentle alternatives, so you can look after your baby’s skin safely.

The Etos Baby Care line contains many products all designed to provide your baby with the best care possible. From shower to skin care and face cloths - they are all designed to optimize the care ritual without disrupting the balance of your baby’s skin.


Vegetable oils 
All products (except for Vaseline) are based on vegetable oils, such as cotton oil, almond oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil.
Enriched with cotton extract
Natural cotton extract has a softening and soothing effect.

Gentle preservatives 
Etos only uses very gentle preservatives in its new baby products.

Gentle perfume
The products have the familiar Etos Baby fragrance. This is a very gentle perfume that has been formulated to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.

pH neutral and dermatologically tested as safe
All the products have passed extensive dermatological tests and contain an acidity level which is close to the baby’s skin.


Happy bottoms

For every youngster - however big or small - Etos has the ideal diaper, and everything has been considered. For example, the tiniest Etos diapers, sizes 1 and 2, have an umbilical cord cut out and a cleaning indicator. When your newborn baby has wet the diaper, a blue strip appears, and you know it is time to change it. For the young adventurer, the  special diaper pants  provide extra space to move and more comfort. The pants are easy to put on and take off and are ideal to support potty training!

Did you know...

...All Etos diapers and diaper pants are made of wood fiber from responsibly managed forests?

The facts:

Better absorption
By using new technology, the Etos diaper has an extremely strong absorbing power.

The new generation diaper is also slightly thinner. This makes it easier for mother and child to feel the softness and flexibility. The breathable outer layer prevents skin irritation.


Ultra soft
Because the diaper is thinner, it feels even softer. This makes the diaper supple and more comfortable to wear. The ultrasoft water absorbent layer gives that delicate baby skin extra protection.

Less leakage
To reduce the risk of leakage, Etos has strengthened the raised anti-leak edges and soft leg elastic. This creates a perfect fit.