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Silky, radiant and smooth: Treat your skin and hands with our delicious body products & skin oils. Your face usually comes first when it comes to good skin care. However, your body also benefits from that extra care and nourishment. Discover our nourishing, hydrating and enriching body products and take care of your skin, from tip to toe.

Body care

Etos hand and body

With the Etos hand and body line, your dry skin regains its softness and elasticity in no time. 

The fine hand creams and body lotions from Etos make caring for your skin a pure pleasure. The intensive hydration makes your skin supremely soft. Whether you need intensive nourishment or are battling the aging clock, whether you have only minutes to get ready in the morning or can indulge in extensive me-time - Etos has the perfect product for every lifestyle and need. 

"Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul"

Soap it up!

Soap dull? Not Etos soap! Etos has a selection of soaps that not only make you feel fantastically clean and fresh, but which also smell divine. Before you know it, you’re hooked ... 
How wonderful when your hands smell great and they feel fresh and clean too. Etos has an extensive line of soaps including eight gorgeously fragrant hand soaps, three soap blocks, and a disinfecting hand gel and soap. Etos has also thought about sensitive skin by incorporating an ultrasensitive variant in the line. 


The art of making soap dates back 5,000 years. The ancient Babylonians and Egyptians used to mix animal and vegetable fats with ash or alkaline salt to make a soapy substance. It was used for skin conditions and to clean wool and cotton for the textile industry.

Nail it!

Nail polish is just like shoes and lipstick - you can’t have enough! The Etos nail polish collection allows you to easily create the perfect nails. With 72 colors to choose from, there’s a matching shade for every look and mood.

Etos nail polish collection

The color and gloss are long lasting and the polish dries quickly. What’s more, we  have a new, super user-friendly brush. Thanks to the special fan shape, you can paint the nail in one simple stroke. This gives you a better result faster!

The Etos nail polish collection consists of 12 color ranges each containing six colors, so in total you have a choice from an amazing 72 colors! With so many colors, you can endlessly combine and experiment. Etos offers a suitable color for every day, season, mood, and outfit. There are also 12 top coats (including gold, silver, and shimmer), plus a nail-protecting base coat. 

Hair styling

The perfect hair style for men and women

Happy hair day! Every day is a good hair day with Etos styling products. Our styling line includes a wide range of products for every need, hair type and style. For men and women, from gel to hair oil and from short to curly hair. 

Etos hair styling 

The 20 products, including gels for men, and mousses and hair lacquer for women, all have an amazing hold factor and are very easy to use. For special treatments, there are the moisturizing hair oil, the hair restoring hair serum and the sea salt spray. Your hair will look better than ever! Choose your favorite hair product by selecting the hold factor — the higher the number, the stronger the hold!


Bath and shower

Etos bath and shower

Taking a shower is even more refreshing with Etos shower products. Pamper yourself every day with our shower creams, gels, oils, bath salts, and a scrub!

The daily shower ritual is a moment of relaxation. A refreshing shower always makes a good start to the day. The Etos shower products gently cleanse the skin and are enriched with natural extracts which nourish and hydrate the skin as well as stimulate your senses. Your skin feels softer and smells even more fragrant! Etos has the perfect shower product for every skin need and lifestyle and it looks amazing in your bathroom. Also worth mentioning - Etos products are free of microbeads.


Etos fragrances

Ready to add a few new fragrance to your favorites? Etos has its own fragrance line with five gorgeous eau de toilettes containing the highest quality ingredients, developed by a renowned perfume house.

Research has shown that women like to change their fragrance, depending on their mood, dress style, or occasion.

With the new luxury every day eau de toilettes, Etos offers more variation for every moment. The Etos perfume collection includes five wonderful, lively fragrances ranging from floral to fresh. Smelling gorgeous and pampering yourself doesn’t need to be expensive!

The Etos fragrance collection was developed through an intense collaboration with a renowned perfume house. From 22 beautiful, refined fragrances, thanks to a test panel of 100 women five were finally selected.

Adventure in a bottle

Whether you like fresh, sultry, herbal, or all of these, Etos is launching its first fragrance line specially for him with four adventurous variants which you (and they) won’t be able to get enough of.

Varying your fragrance was never this easy. With the new luxury and sensual fragrances for him, Etos offers more variation for any mood or moment, whether an evening out, or just a day at the office. The new collection of men’s fragrances launched by Etos has been developed by renowned perfumers and contain the highest quality ingredients. The line consists of four totally different fragrance sensations—from marine to herbal, from trendy to timeless. So whatever mood you’re in (or want to be in), you will find your fragrance at Etos!


Etos sun protection

Fantastic summer sunshine. Enjoy it, but be sensible. Of course, you regularly apply a good sun protection product to your skin. The extensive Etos Suncare line protects and cares for every skin type during and after exposure to the sun. All the products are enriched with vitamin E for supple skin, are easy to apply, and have an excellent UV filter.

Etos Suncare

The Etos Suncare line consists of 23 products, is available with an SPF ranging from 15 to 50+, and varies in volume between 50 ml and 200 ml.
The midi 75 ml sun products are ideal for traveling, in your handbag, or in a beach bag. The big bottles are perfect for the whole family! With the complete Etos Suncare line, you can enjoy the summer sun care-free.

Etos sun sprays and lotions

These handy sprays and lotions make it easy to apply your sun care: in no time you are protected from the rays of the sun. Want to go swimming? No problem, the spray is water resistant! Also available in Sensitive and Bronze variants.

From top to toe!

For the youngsters, there is the Etos Sensitive Kids line: the optimal sun protection for young skin and ideal for anyone with a sensitive skin. This sun protection (a massive SPF 50+) is extra water resistant and free from perfume and colorings. Going to school today not the beach? Apply sun cream to your child’s skin in the morning to ensure they are protected when playing outside!

Etos Sun Face Cream

In the sun

Specially for the sensitive skin on your face, Etos developed this hydrating face cream with different protection factors. Pop the handy travel tube into your bag, so you can apply it in time and get regular protection from the sun. Available for any skin type.


Etos After Sun Aloe Vera

Thirst quencher for your skin 

After a day on the beach or in the sun, your skin needs to recover. The sun can cause dehydration. The result? Less elasticity, and fine wrinkles. So bring that wonderful summer day to a good end and hydrate your skin with the cooling Etos After Sun line with aloe vera. A real thirst quencher!

Etos Sun Oils

Do you want to get a nice tan quickly but still be well protected? Try the Etos Sun Oil Spray Bronze. This contains a tan accelerator and doesn’t feel greasy. A lovely radiant skin after sunbathing? Use the Shimmering Oil After Sun to enhance your tan!