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A woman’s beauty hides many secrets. Let your skin look radiant with one of the seven face care lines of Etos. Based on the latest innovations and of high quality every line is developed for a specific skin need and type. Everyone will want to know your secret.


Skin secrets

Discover the secret of radiant skin with our skincare line

High-quality skin care, a lovely  design, and an extensive range of skin care products for different skin types - who wouldn’t want that? From youthful to the more mature skin and from ultrasensitive to normal skin. A real innovation in the range is a line based on phytocell technology, for the more mature skin. For the most sensitive skin, we have added a hypoallergenic line. Our hypoallergenic line is free of allergens, like perfume, dyes, parabens and other preservatives) and has an extra soothing and hydrating effect. 

The different lines include products for a total face care regime - cleansing and treatments. This is the ideal line for every skin type and the perfect product to ensure that everyone can have a fabulous, healthy skin.



Newest trends,  top quality,  and a gorgeous look and feel - that’s what Etos makeup stands for. The products come in various trendy colors with something for everyone.

Put your eyes in the spotlight!

Welcome to Etos' eyelash wonderland! Whether you want telescopic extensions, triple volume, or a sexy curl, or everything - the Etos mascara collection offers it all.

Looking for the perfect mascara? With 18 different mascaras, Etos offers a perfect match for everyone! Great formulas, high-quality brushes, lovely packaging, and an amazing result - that’s what the Etos mascara collection is all about.

Colorful eyes with Etos

Discover our Eyeshadow Primer which makes sure that your eye shadow stays perfectly in place. With the new Etos eye makeup range, you can create the most gorgeous looks!

The perfect lips with Etos

Complete your look with perfectly colored lips. The Etos lip product range includes lipsticks, lip glosses, and top coats! Chose a daring, bright red Color Care lipstick or play safe with the nude lip gloss. Nourishing lip products with intense, long-lasting colors for a great price!


For men only

Etos is not just for women when it comes to your beauty essentials. Our men’s face care line is  specially designed to meet men’s skin needs. 

Office aircon, shaving, stress, UV rays... as a man, you obviously want to keep your skin fresh and healthy for as long as possible. So Etos introduced a brand new skincare line specially for men. The men’s face care consists of three lines - normal, sensitive, and “active energy” - so there’s always a product to suit your skin and lifestyle.

All Etos products are quickly absorbed, are not sticky, and have been dermatologically tested.